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My little ticking time bomb

My little ticking time bomb

Random thoughts about my inner conflicts….

So, my little boy is not really my husbands son, but he is being raised as my husbands; as his real father isn’t in the picture.

I feel conflicted sometimes about this because we have no plan to ever tell him the truth. Why when it would just hurt him in the end? But let’s say he finds out in the future….that could also be bad. So, sometimes I feel like my sons happiness is just a ticking time bomb.

It also makes me feel bad too because he has two half siblings (that I know about) that he doesn’t and probably will never know.

I’ve never had the problem about looking at him and being reminded of his father. First of all because he looks insanely like my dad and brother, so much so it’s kind of creepy. Second of all I wasn’t very close to his dad. But yesterday I glanced over at him and was blown away momentarily when he looked just like his half brother and then I realized he has his dads ears to the tee. It was just so weird.

Randomness got to love it…..


Punching the person in the face that ticked me off….duh!! No actually just getting away from the source doing something to distract myself and keeping busy.